Monday, 10 May 2010


Two posts in one day is a rarity for me these days, but I've not blogged for over a week and now I'm a bit more alive, I thought I'd give you a quick recap of the week that has just been . . .

We headed to the airport about 8.30pm. Partying started beforehand, with me and my sister sharing a bottle of sparkling rose. Everything at the airport went to plan. We picked up our tickets okay, there wasn't a long queue for check-in, the plane was on time. We had some more rose at the bar and then on the plane. We arrived at the apartments around about 6.30am on Monday . . .

I didn't sleep, spent the morning by the pool and the afternoon getting slightly lost in Laganas (the resort we stayed at) That night we went out for dinner, I was chatted up by an Albanian guy who had got us into the restaurant in the first place and according to my sister I organised a date with him for the following night. I don't think that's strictly true but I WAS very drunk so I couldn't rule it out. So much so that I managed to fall INTO a shop on the way back to the apartments, then fall at the pool bar later on. Thankfully not INTO the pool. The night was elevated to legendary status however, when a young boy (early twenties) who had been on our flight decided, in his drunken state, to strip naked and dance around the pool. Then jump in. Cue much tittering about his tiny penis. He didn't seem bothered though.

Fairly uneventful but still fun. The young boy was quite mortified when we showed him the pictures of him naked. Some of the other guests had greeted him earlier that day by going "Oh look, there's Free Willy!" We had to avoid the restaurant where the Albanian guy was in case I actually WAS meant to be going on a date with him. I didn't fall. Yay.

Started to get major mosquito biteage. Not a highlight. Went out for dinner and once again had to avoid the guy from the first night. I ended up being asked out by the guy in the restaurant we went to instead. He looked really old! I think I told him I wasn't interested. Later back at the pool bar, some guy from another hotel started chatting to me. I remember going on for about 20 minutes about how happy I was to be single, and then contradicting myself by kissing him. Oops. I later found out he was a bit sleazy so hoped I wouldn't run into him again . . .

Managed to get through the day without getting asked out or kissing random strangers or falling over. Got more mosquito bites though. :(

We went to try and find the apartment we had booked for the last day but without a map it was difficult. We ran into a guy called Scottish John, who told us how to get there. After realising it was completely in the opposite direction from our apartment and would just be an inconvenience, we decided to screw the twenty quid we'd paid for it and just hang out room-less on the Sunday.

Spent the day on the beach with a bunch of other females from our apartments. The weather wasn't brilliant and the mosquitos were all over me like a rash, but it was a good laugh all the same. That night we ended up back at the restaurant from Monday night where the Albanian guy told me he'd waited for me on Tuesday night and I hadn't came. Oops. Hehe. Later on me and my sister met up with two of the girls staying in our apartments and we did a tour of the Laganas strip, hitting several bars and a club. We ran into the guy I'd kissed on Wednesday and I have a feeling I was a bit of a bitch to him, but I can't really remember. In fact, there's a lot I can't remember about Saturday night. There was lots of cheap cocktails and free shots and dancing, but it's all a bit of a blur, I'm afraid.

The hangover the next day wasn't a blur though. It was pretty damn real. We spent the day lying on sunloungers trying to feel a bit more normal, went for a Sunday roast later on, then were dragged into several pubs by the promoters. Saying "we have to get a plane in a few hours" didn't seem to wash with them. We got back to the apartments about 11pm and then had another four hours to wait around for our airport transfer, while stressing about the volcanic ash potentially being an issue again. Luckily it was not, and after waiting around for what seemed like FOREVER, we finally got on the plane and got home.

It's weird because even though I know yesterday I was lazing about on a lounger, basting myself in sunshine, it seems like a lifetime ago. I guess partly because I've only had a few hours sleep since then and I WAS awake for so long. It just seems like I wasn't really there!

But it was definitely an eventful holiday.

And its inspired a "How To/How Not To Annoy Me On Holiday" post. Which will more than likely be up tomorrow. Once I get around to writing it, obviously.

So what's new peeps? What did I miss???


  1. Sounds like the perfect tri from someone in their twenties to take! Or more specifically, sounds like the perfect trip I should take (minus the forgetting entire hours thing)!

    I'm glad you have fond memories of your trip and hopefully lots of pictures!

  2. I hate mosquitos. They're always bad here in TX. I wish they'd suck out fat instead of blood. Then I wouldn't hate them as much.

  3. sounds like a lot of fun, minus the mosquitoes!

  4. It's ok to want to be single and kiss a stranger at the same time...

    You're allowed to be sexual without wanting a relationship...

  5. Missed you and your posts P, although the guest bloggers were ace too. Loved the last pic!

  6. I had a few little laughs from this update - glad you had a good time, despite the mosquito bites. Sounds like you met a few interesting people along the way :)

  7. I seriously laughed out loud at 'free Willy'!

    So how many restaurants were left that you could go to? :D

  8. EH Mosquitos eat me to death!!! I'm so happy you've had fun though! I've missed you!

  9. where is zante??? =)
    sounds like u had fun

  10. Haha when I went there when I was younger I had a little flirtation with an Albanian guy too. So good looking.....*sigh*

    What did you miss?

    Erm.....the election? Oh and I fell off my shoes and sprained my ankle. I'll let you decide which of those events is more newsworthy.

  11. Sounds like you had fun!!! I think we need photo evidence of the ‘free willy ‘ incident. Only fair hey?! I HATE mossies with a passion. They completely ruin holidays for me. At one point in Thailand I was so covered in them (46 at last count) my legs were all swollen and red I cried and just wanted to go home. Every creature on earth has a purpose but mossies do not!

    That picture is priceless

    What have you missed?

    I have a puppy!!


  12. And P.S No you cannot switch black tea/coffee with IRN BRU!! Diet or no diet! You heathen!

  13. Sounds fab! Sun and snogs. What are you like?! x

  14. You didn't miss much with me. I bought and constructed Ikea furniture, and blogged twice within a week. Amazing!

    Sounds like a fun time! get yourself some calamine for those mosquito bites!!

  15. Woo! Sounds like fun...hope you'll be sharing some of the pics tomorrow for WITWW!

  16. Oh my goodness that is the most awesome picture ever (the second one)

  17. Mossies eat me alive too.. apparently Avon Skin So Soft deters them as it does midgies!


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